My weekend

Was a bit shit really. Stayed home all weekend cos I forgot my pin and have no cash and I couldn’t be bothered to walk to the bank lol. Lazy me. So I stayed in and had pizza.

Pizza was yummy. Pizza hut have started doing a BBQ one with bacon and chicken. It’s soo nice. I finished a little more of my knitting and i’ve been searching for some lionbrand wool for a project I like:  Queen of hearts lace adged baby blanket. But to get that exact type, they wanna charge me almost double in the UK. Which sucks. So I might buy a whole load from the US and ask someone to ship it for me.

I’m not really in the mood for a long winded update I’ve felt icky all da. It was stormy and that always makes me feel a bit off. It’s really warm now. So I think the weather broke and we’ll finally be getting summer weather.

I think I’m gonna try and get an earlyish night.

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