Unique Gift Packaging + Giveaway

I have wanted to post for ages but am unable to find my camera lead. So instead I’m going to post about two upcoming projects and a give away!

First off is a tutorial I meant to do for father’s day but I messed up my first attempt and it took me a little while to fix it so no time for tuts.

From this to this.

It’s a really simple tutorial of how to cover with standard 12 by 12 papers. It’s easier if you use wrapping paper but not quite as vibrant. This was before I had the Silhouette so I used some pink metal lettering I had and coloured it red.

For this you will need 1 sheet 12×12 craft paper, 1 sheet 12×12 card, some lettering and a subway or similar drinks carrier (besides scissors, glue etc). A craft knife would also be handy but not essential. These would make really cute favour boxes with a bottle of fizzy (alcohol for the adults, pop for the kiddies) a tub of sweeties/chocs, a cake a la Sugar Bloom Cupcakes tutorial, in fact almost anything would look great in it. I think it would make a super easy easter basket too.

In an effort to make a quite mundane gift of bath smellies a bit more special. I made this simple gift bag. The technique is a little tricky but if you pin the heck out of it you’ll be fine. I didn’t take pics as I went along as it was more of an idea than a tutorial.

The SIL loved it so mission accomplished. I also made her a spiffy card. I’m still a novice card maker but I was quite pleased with it.

I’m glad I got my making mojo back.

This whole week I’ve been making decorations for our engagement/house-warming on Saturday and even if I do say so myself they look super cute. So looking forward to everyone coming and seeing it.

I almost forgot about the giveaway. my 200th blog post is coming up (on the new blog) and of course we need to celebrate! I will be giving away a bumper package of craft papers, card, alphabet cut outs, ribbon, rhinestone, craft scissors and more. I’ll be posting sneak peaks of the items going in each day until my 200th post.

To enter is pretty simple. Follow my blog in your reader for one entry, follow me on twitter for another (I promise the posts will get more interesting!) comment on each giveaway preview for another and link me from your blog for a fourth and final entry (Don’t have a blog? You can link me elsewhere and let me know). Then leave a comment on the giveaway post for each entry you made.

I’m excited and I’m just the one giving it away! Don’t forget to tell your friends!

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