Custom Carrier Tutorial

This is a really simple tutorial which has a really nice result. Though the tutorial is incomplete I have added it any way as the end result was really good. FIL2B was chuffed with his. We filled it with some ales we thought he might like and some of his faves.

You’re gonna need:

  • A drinks carrier

  • 2 or 3 sheets of craft paper and/or card

  • Scissors
  • Glue (I love those glue tape rollers, so convenient.)
  • Optional: Scoring tool and craft knife
  • Decorations of your choice

First you need to make sure your drinks carrier is clean and dry. I asked for mine in subway and the first one I got was all damp in one corner. It dried out fine though.

If you’re using the same size carrier as the one picture you can cut a 12 by 12″ paper in half. Otherwise measure from the handle area to the bottom of your carrier and cut accordingly. Also in that picture I’ve used double-sided tape. Don’t use that! It’s not strong enough.

AND learn from my mistake below. Measure before you cut… Doh! I cut all the way across when it should only have been half way. You need to cut your paper so the arms can pop out to make the shape of the carrier. You can skip this and just cut yours plain out.

I learnt from my mistake on the other side and used a pencil to poke through at each point and cut with scissors. I then glued this down. Glue down any overlapping parts inside for some extra stability

As you can see above this doesn’t quite cover the corners. That’s ok though as we’re going to put decorative corners on. (This also helped it become a bit more manly xD.)

Measure one corner of your carrier and cut 4 strips 3 cm wide and 1 cm longer in length. Score down the middle with a scoring tool.

Apply glue and affix at each corner folding the excess over the top. I don’t have a photo of the rest, my bad. Like I said time ran away with me.

If you’re going with lettering, arrange how it’s going to look now. I used the same card I used for the corners to cover the handle.

Cut a piece the width of your handle and fold it in half. Ensure it covers up all the remaining uncovered box and trim to size.

Place underneath you box and use as a template to mark out the hole for the handle. Cut out and then affix to the carrier. Use a corner chomper or round out your corners too.

Decorate, pop open and then take a picture so I can see your fabulous handy work!

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Love Starry xx

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