Free Silhouette SD GSD File

Hiya people.

I did say I’d have another tutorial for you and this time it’s for the paper globes I made before here.

More of the paper balls

circa 2007 lol

If you have a silhouette or another type of cutter you can use this to cut your circles and perforate them. Makes for much more uniform circles. I placed my perforations by hand so there wasnt as many. They become a bit fiddly to stick and having a tab tear clean off is frustrating!

Get the file here!

They are very simple to make. Cut 20 pieces, fold along perforations. Join so 5 points meet at the centre, use a strong fast glue (I used a glue tape pen). Continue this pattern until you have a globe. You can scale the ball up or down but the 6 inch size given will make a large approximately 30 inches across globe. Please feel free to share but link back here.

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