Iron Craft 3 – Bunting

This weeks Iron Craft project was Bunting. Since I was all bunted out from last August (Our engagement party) I was going to go a different angle and make something with bunting on it. But then I got side tracked by Bundt cake, Bundt cake led to cupcakes (you know how it goes… Mmmm cake!) and here we are with this random concoction of ideas.

First to the bunting:

Introducing Bundt Bunt. Since cutting files are one of the number one searches, amongst other random things, that bring people to this site I’ve made some for you. I was going to do a PDF too but I ran out of time really. I will do one at some point. I didn’t cut these as they are basically a fancy version of my first ones so you all are my guinea pigs xD.

I’m sure you are wondering where are the Bundt cakes… Well here they are!

A super cute cutting pack for you, Cupcake Party. You can decorate your bunting with them or just use them as is.  The file at the moment is a .Studio file. I realised to late that the new software though very good no longer allows you to save your files as .GSD meh! Well I hope you like them any way! Click the images for the downloads.

PS as you can see I tweaked the bundt design a little, this is reflected in the file.

So enjoy and share anything you make from the files, I love to see what you  make.


The file should work now. Any problems let me know!

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