Hello Chelsea, Buh-bye Twenties

Hi guys, how are you? I never ask that, maybe I should more often!

Me? I’m fine, there hasn’t been a whole lot of making going on over these parts for a long while but hopefully that should change soon. I’m currently doing some temp work in Chelsea but I’ve been offered work on a new project that will start in around 6 weeks time. I think having work with regular hours makes me a better crafter. Already I have ideas bubbling away in my mind about things I can be doing.

A major part of getting started will be sorting out my sewing machine. At the moment, I can’t make anything where the stitching is visible from both sides as there is a problem with my lower feed dogs or bobbin housing. I am frightened it will be expensive to fix so not even looked at  taking it to the shop yet! Once we are feeling a bit more stable again, off it shall go to the sewing machine hospital. I’m looking forward to that.

That said, my 30th birthday is coming up! I know, it’s a biggie! I had thought to ask people for vouchers, so I can buy myself a new sewing machine. Before the wedding I got spoilt using my sisters machine and combined with the brokeness of my current machine, sewing isn’t as much fun. I’m still undecided though whether I want to get a new machine or buy a tablet such as the Samsung Tab(No mention of apple products here please, we are anti…), or the Kindle Fire. Will I really use it is the question…

I’m also still pondering what I should do for my birthday. I’ve no idea at all. I was planning on having a fancy dress party, it being near halloween, but it is seeming like a lot of work. I also had the idea of going to Fright Night at Thorpe Park, I love theme parks, but I didn’t get much feedback when I suggested it on the Face Book.

I really envy all you summer birthday people, I will never have a BBQ or picnic on my birthday unless everyone agrees to freeze their bums off!

I’ve got 6 weeks, eek! I think I need help!

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