Tutorial Tuesdays: Crochet/Make Up Brush Roll

How to make a Crochet Hook or Make Up Brush Roll.

Crochet Hook Roll Tutorial

I was sick and tired of not having a place I could stick my crochet hooks and just grab and go whenever I was going to a Meetup or to the in-laws and so I decided to make this. It was super quick to make and I basically made it from scraps I had lying around.

I liked it so much I decided I would make another with slightly bigger openings for make up brushes!

This tutorial will show you how to make the crochet roll with notes to adapt it for a brush roll.

You will need:

  • 20cm square piece of front fabric (cupcakes) *
  • 20cm square piece lining fabric (stripe) *
  • 20cm square piece Craft Felt *
  • 20cm square piece Interfacing fabric. *
  • 26 x 20 cm piece for pocket one (flowery)
  • 18 x 20cm piece for pocket two (spots)
  • 7 x 20cm piece for flap (whichever colour you prefer)
  • 7 x 30cm piece for ruffle
  • 55cm ribbon or cord to tie. (approx 56cm x 3cm used for my tie)
  • Thread

NB: If you want to make this for brushes or your crochet hooks are longer that 15cm’s use the following formula to work out the height for each piece marked with a star.

Measurement of largest brush or hook + 5 cm

You will need scissors, straight pins, sewing machines, iron and ruler.

Crochet Roll

See how mine sits nicely within the frame of fabric? I’m ready to go.

Make sure all your fabric is well pressed. Take the two pockets and fold equally in half length ways (wrong sides together) and press.

Crochet Roll: Find the middle

Find the middle of your pockets and stitch straight down the front pocket, tacking at each end.

Crochet Roll: Rinse and repeat

Pin your pocket material to the bottom shortest width of your lining fabric. Use pins or a sewing pencil to mark a 1/2 cm wide opening on pocket one, equal distance from the right side of the middle.  Repeat for the left side. Make sure not to sew anything to your second pocket in this step.

I wanted the needles in pocket one to stand a little higher, so I  sewed along horizontally 3cm from the bottom too. Repeat this on both sides too.

Crochet Roll: Now pin lining

Excuse the blurry image but you now want to fold the lining fabric to one side and measure a 1cm space to the right side. Repeat for the other side.

Crochet Roll: Rinse and repeat

Repeat these two steps back and forth alternating pinning front and back. If you have larger brushes you can increase the width of your sections on one side or the other. Once you have 2 cm left on either side of the 1st pocket stop.

Crochet Roll: Attach felt

Baste this piece to your felt, using a scant seam allowance.

I used the acrylic kind that you find in the discount stores. If you have batting you could use that but this is cheaper…

Crochet Roll: Interface

Now iron your interfacing to your front fabric. I couldn’t find my white interfacing, so I used fusible to affix a piece of decor weight fabric to the reverse of my piece. I actually liked how it turned out.

Crochet Roll: Sew together

Place your front and inside pieces, right sides together and sew a 0.5cm seam around the edge. Leave a 4-5cm opening for turning.

Crochet Roll: Snip corners

Clip the corners and turn and press folding in the open space neatly.

Crochet Roll: Slipstitch

Again blurry, sorry.

Slip stitch the opening closed.

Crochet Roll: Place cord

Top stitch around the edges. Choose where you want to place your cord making sure to align with a pocket seam and tack down with your machine.

Crochet Roll: Attach Flap

Fold your flap piece in half width ways, right sides together, and sew 2 sides leaving one short side open for turning.

Turn and press. I skipped hand sewing and just top stitched. Do what pleases you!

Make a rolled hem on three sides of your ruffle. Alternatively, if you can’t do a rolled hem, double the fabric width, fold short sides together and sew short ends. Zig zag the raw edge.

Crochet Roll: With ruffle

Ruffle to 29 cm long (How to ruffle).

Attach your flap to your roll and then attach your ruffle. adjusting the height to suit your hooks or brushes.

Crochet Roll

Ta dah! You’re done!

Crochet roll back

Can’t wait to get started on my next one and maybe make some for my family too.

Don’t forget to let me know if you make one!

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