A tutu for you too

I’ve finally got round to some crafting. Our friends little girl turned 3 on Sunday and she is the epitome of girly girl. I knew she would absolutely love a tutu or petticoat and so I scoured the net for a pattern I saw one time many moons ago. I couldn’t find it but thought I remembered enough of it to wing it.

I knew I needed chiffon but I made the most time sucking mistake of not getting a non fray kind, doh! Then when I got home I found the pattern telling me so. By the way, the how-to is awesomely detailed check it out. I took another trip back to my local fabric shop only to find they didn’t have any non fray chiffon. They had no knit chiffon at all. bum.

I persevered though. I was determined a skirt would be made. So I zig zagged all those edges bar the chiffon I’d already ruffled… All 60 plus metres!

It was so worth it. She absolutely loved it! I’ve lost my camera so waiting on her daddy sending me a picture of her in it, but it looked adorable. Especially walking home seeing it bobbing about under her coat, so cute! God help us if we don’t have a girl. I think the boys will be getting tutus!

This is the only picture I have of the whole ensemble. Leg warmers and leotard (onesie suit) included!

I’ve been doing more crafting but that will have to wait till next week!

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