Ready for spring

Winter is the time for crafting. Plenty of time snuggled indoors with plenty of warm blankets in front of a cosy fire. A project or two in lap, with a couple more close by just in case. Comforting stews, tea, cake and warm puddings become habitual.

Winter is not the friend of those trying to take pictures of said crafts on their phone camera (because they have lost their regular camera). It’s also not the friend of commuters, especially when it snows. It also seems to encourage slugs to make their home in our basement who then visit the kitchen in the middle of the night *shudders*.

I’m glad winter will soon be over, it is definitely not my favourite season. Hopefully spring will bring with it more blog writing and documenting. Also hoping spring brings hope to us starting our family. I start my first round of assisted conception treatment the end of the month. Wish me luck!

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