Dear Diary: Good morning world

I’ve finally gotten used to waking up at the unearthly hour of 6:30 am. Yay, go me! Shame I literally only have about 3 weeks left of this assignment but hey ho, at least it’s not a chore trying to wake myself up any more. I was also really excited by how light it was when I woke up and I saw a butterfly! To see a butterfly in early February is crazy! Spring is almost upon us.

Being bright eyed and bushy tailed means; I’ve been doing more crafting and because I’ve been doing more crafting, I’ve come up with an idea for a tutorial you guys might like. I hope to have it mocked up and finished soon. Still no pictures. I think I’ve lost my photo taking mojo… but I have finished 2 projects, a kimono for round the house and a pair of slippers which inspired my new project. They are based on a pair of baby booties I’m not 100% sure I shared here. The base pattern I used did not suit the style though so I’m drafting my own version kind of using the sizing on the pattern I was given. I think it’s gonna be kind of awesome, so I am excited to get started.

There was no baking in the month of January, well unless you count cornbread (and I don’t). How crazy is that? I’ve been doing more cooking though. I’ve made curry chicken twice, (the aforementioned) cornbread (delish btw), macaroni and cheese (West Indian style) and of course the basics like chicken grills and rice/pasta :). January really took it’s toll on me. I’m hoping to get some more baking in this month, this is depending on my kitchen staying organised. I’m following the Fly Lady method (of rather than an actual fly lady) to try and keep my life organised and try and stop the blame game from flying around our house. This week is the kitchen and so that bodes well for weekend baking!

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