Tuesday Tips: Fly Lady Method


I really can’t recommend it enough. If you like structure but find it hard to plan things out yourself, this is for you! I chose this plan because I find it very hard to deal with other peoples mess. I find it overwhelming and then I become messy. So I’m hoping this plan will help instil order into our home that is contagious. I thought I’d do a run down of how my first full day went.

It’s been going well in my opinion. Obviously I leave the house each day, so getting dressed to my shoes is already a habit. I also can’t make the bed because there is someone still in it. I’ve tried making him wake up at 6:30 as well, he doesn’t want to xD. I work, so I just append my routine to my work day. It was clean your bins day, so I did just that. Not the outside bins mind, bin day is not till Friday and I didn’t want to have to yank everything out.

So I emptied and cleaned all the bins, inside and out. Once I’d done that though. The kitchen floor was all wet, so I thought I may as well sweep and mop it. I didn’t go hard core with floor cleaner, scrubbing etc, I just used the left over hot water and cif, took the recommendation to limit extra tasks to 15 minutes and had at it. Then, when I was emptying out the hot water, I thought, I may as well clean the front step. So I did that too and got rid of all the horrid cat debris she leaves everywhere.

I didn’t shine my sink, only because the fly lady method seems to depend on one person doing the bulk of the cleaning. We’re not doing that. This week is hubbies turn to wrangle the dishes, so I’m not ¬†interfering.

I did do my load of laundry, I’m usually good about washing regularly but the hubs is not. So I’m alternating each day a load of my clothes and then a load of his the next. The hubs likes way more fabric softener than I do, so mainly I wash separate but I’m sure clean clothes with not enough softener wins over dirty any day.

I wrote everything down on my white board, so I could feel proud of myself for having got it done and then I had a treat. No point working hard if you’re not going to reward yourself is there!

I got myself all set for the following day but forgot my breakfast :(. I had my keys, purse, milk (for tea at work), headphones and clothes ready to go. This plan isn’t perfect here. I had to change my outfit choice because it was much colder than forecast today and I am a bit achey so needed loose layers. I might choose to have outfit choices rather than setting out clothes because I then had to spend extra time putting things back. It’s a learning curve.

All in all it feels like a success. I think I’ve been trying to do too much at once. It’s become overwhelming and then I’ve just stopped trying. I’m not saying that you need to join fly lady but I do have these tips.

  • Set yourself a list of tasks in a visible place such as a pinboard or on the fridge
  • If you have under 10 tasks aim to do about 90% if you have more aim to do 80%
  • Check the items off the list as you go. Seeing the list become smaller is a great motivator.
  • Set yourself a time limit for each task, don’t spend hours on something if you don’t want to!
  • Reward yourself for doing well
  • Start in the kitchen or the bathroom.
  • Declutter! If you haven’t used it in a year chuck it out, if you haven’t even thought about it in 6 months, chuck it out. If it doesn’t have a home and doesn’t get used, out it goes!

I’d love to know how you guys motivate yourself to stay organised. Let me know in the comments or direct me to your own posts.

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