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I used to have a real love of books. I would literally start reading a book at bedtime and find I was still reading at 3am! Probably in the last 5 years ago, my passion for books has been quashed by I don’t know what. It’s so strange to me. I read lots for sure, I read numerous blogs, news sites, Facebook, Twitter and the like, but for some reason I read very few books.

I think it may have something to do with forming good sleeping habits. I used to have terrible insomnia. Sometimes laying awake for hours, reading or not. It was very annoying. Though I was recovering from a major illness and therefore had no where to go, I didn’t like feeling like a vampire. So I set about trying to change my habits about sleeping. I don’t do anything much in the bedroom that doesn’t involve the bed. I mostly don’t even get dressed in there. I took everything distracting out, including books, so I could focus on what the bedroom is mainly there for, sleep.

Now this did work. I now sleep great most of the time. A couple of bad habits have snuck in, such as checking emails, playing games or reading the few ebooks I have (I limit these to 10 minutes and never in between sleep sessions) but on the whole I do well, I get my 8 hours and wake up refreshed! The hubs on the other hand still struggles with sleep. Sometimes it takes him hours to get off and he often wakes not long before mid day if left. He reads a copious amount of books. His kindle is packed with every kind you can think of and I am constantly frustrated by the piles we have in the bathroom. Do I have to forfeit a love of books for a good sleep then??

I don’t miss it though. I really don’t miss books at all. If I see a book that takes my fancy I will read it, but I don’t have the hunger that I did in my teens when I read most of Shakespeare for fun, devoured every Terry Pratchett book that came out and scavenged at my local charity shop for books a few times a week. I still read more instructional books like for baking or crafts, those remain well thumbed.

I’m wondering if this is something you guys are experiencing too. Do you still read books in the traditional sense? Do you read as many as you did? I’m really interested to know.

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