Since you’ve been gone

How to start! It’s been a while and a lot has happened.


I guess I’ll start with the biggest news, we’re having a baby! It was quite the surprise as we’d near enough given up. If it hadn’t been for a work colleague thinking I was, I prolly wouldnt even have tested at all. I got a great big shock when I took the test and it was actually positive! All my cute ideas for telling the hubs went right out the window!

So far its been reasonably easy going, I’m 19 weeks and feeling fine though a little more tired than usual. Had a little scare at 6 weeks when I was bleeding but it was only a small cyst in my womb. Felt quite sick in my first 12 weeks but as long as I eat regularly,  now I feel fine. After so long trying it feels surreal to be here,  pregnant,  almost halfway. Took a long time to sink in. I will go back and transfer my updates from my private journal to here at some point.

Also I got a new job.  Shortly before I found out I was pregnant I was offered a permanent position at the place I was temping. But of a bummer in terms of smp but nice to have a secure job. I work in the city again which is nice, very social and people are friendly.

We also moved house which was stressful but the old place was no good for a baby, the windows were single glazed and had started rotting (from the outside due to lack of painting/treatment) and the landlord was not inclined to fix them meaning winter was going to be cold. It was a cold flat anyhow. We’ve moved to a smaller but much warmer flat, hoping to save enough to buy. Be nice to have our own house one day!

So that brings us round about up to date. I’m typing this on my tablet because my laptop is knackered. Need to take it to the shop… super glad I got it now.

I’ll be back more often I hope.


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