20 Week Update

Pregnancy Highlights:week20fruit
How Far Along: 20 Weeks 5 days
Gender: Well we found out, it’s a GIRL! Oops lol
Size of baby: Baby is the size of a banana, around 7 inches and 11 ounces/300g
Baby Position: Breech, explains the kicks to the bladder!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still no idea, I don’t weigh and midwife didn’t weigh me last appointment
Maternity Clothes: Still mostly in my old clothes but getting snug
Movement: Every day, our little munchkin loves to dance on my bladder. Most active between 10am and 2pm Seems to sleep around 9-10pm until 1-2am. Getting a lot stronger now, sometimes it hurts!
Sleep: Still very wakeful at night especially when kicking starts around 1-2.
What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy, heels and jeans.
Cravings: Heinz tomato soup especially but most soup, bread and butter, hot chocolate/chocolate milk.
Symptoms: Still have the ligament pains and also braxton’s which are unpleasant.
Belly button in or out? Firmly in!
Stretch Marks: No new ones yet
Overall: Feeling tired due to a lack of solid sleep but still good. No real aches and pains. Our scan went great but we did not get one good scan photo. This kid does not stay still! We tried and tried but in the end settled for knowing the gender :). The hubs has been working evenings and I miss him. Especially when little miss has her rare active sessions in the evening.
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