32 weeks update

How Far Along: 32 Weeks 3 days

Gender: Girl
Size of baby: This week baby is the size of Kale… wth??
Baby Position: Mostly head down, yay
Total Weight Gain/Loss: gained 8kg
Maternity Clothes: I have a couple of maternity dresses but still in leggings/jeggings and long tops.
Movement: All the time. She is most active just before bedtime and first thing in the morning. She tends to sleep when I do thankfully.
Sleep: Awful, I’ve had insomnia for weeks.
What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy or right hand side (without getting acid reflux), alcohol occasionally and pate!
Cravings: Chocolate Milk and hot chocolate still up there, mini BK pancakes, pastry.
Symptoms: I am so tired. I can barely make a shopping trip without needing a rest. I still regularly have braxton hicks.
Belly button in or out? Pops out often but mostly in.
Stretch Marks: Still no new ones.
Highlight: Hubby talking to baby and her kicking back is pretty fun. She also kicks when I sing to her 🙂
Overall: I am still enjoying being pregnant but I am starting to really feel it. Commuting to and from work is exhausting!
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