34 Week Update


How Far Along: 34 Weeks 6 days

Gender: Girl
Size of baby: This week baby is the size of a Cantaloupe…
Baby Position: Head down, starting to engage.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: gained 9kg/22lbs
Maternity Clothes: Same as before, I am all belly!
Movement: All the time still. She likes to tag team my ribs with her feet. She has hiccups almost everyday now too.
Sleep: Better, still not fabulous.
What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy or right hand side (without getting acid reflux), alcohol occasionally and pate!
Cravings: All but gone really. Pastry is back, fruit still high on the list.
Symptoms: Still very tired, started getting migraines, stretching pains at bottom of belly and pain across my pelvis when she’s low. Started losing my mucus plug on Tuesday…
Belly button in or out? Just about in, when it pops out I reckon she’s done xD
Stretch Marks: Some on my boobs but none on the belly that I can see…
Highlight: Baby going crazy yesterday for a full 2 hours after the doctor gave me some codeine and said it will make baby sleepy! lol
Overall: I’m now working from home up until my leave which is great and sad at the same time. I miss people but love the lay in. I worked from bed all day today and did some overtime! I have started to lose my mucus plug, eek! I know it doesn’t mean much on it’s own. Looking forward to meeting our little girl but happy for her to stay in until the new year.
Nursery update: We have the crib up, it’s the Stokke Mini, in our room. Baby is bunking with us :). I still need to get the mattress for it however. I also need bedding and a canopy, both of which I intend to make if I have time. Her first clothes are washed and ready to be packed. Still need to get the hubs to put the shelves up which should hopefully be this weekend.
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