About the domain

20140717_174219I’ve been blogging on and off since about 2004 about various topics but my craft blog is by far my favourite. Since I now work full-time and live with my babycakes, I don’t have a huge amount of time for blogging so I try to catch up when I can. I’ve had this domain since 2007 but only just moved everything over in June 2010 (3 months late XD). I’ve still (still!) yet to move a lot of the recipes and tutorials over to their proper place sorry!

About Starry

Previously I’d just been updating the same piece of blurb I’ve had for years but I’ve grown bore of it. Rather than delete it I will keep it for posterity and add to it now and then. I will however give a more uniform account of myself should you want to know more about me.

I currently live in London with my fiance husband in a little flat in a converted house. It was a random last-minute decision that brought us there but we’re loving it so far. Soon we hope to buy our own place though! We’ve no children and no pets one naughty cat we rescued but shouldn’t really have. We’re probably allowed children though, but since we don’t have any, I didn’t ask. My current obsession is sewing followed closely by crochet. However a rather short commute has dampened my enthusiasm for crochet. I mainly liked to crochet on the way to and from work. Also the hubs likes sitting in the pitch semi dark at home which is not conducive to neat crochet!

Here is my never-ending list of random information.
  1. Isn’t fond of variegated yarns
  2. Sews everything on a miniature sewing machine bought a new sewing machine 2008 yay!
  3. Loves DIY and will often offer to help paint people’s houses
  4. Loves to bake
  5. Has visited 3 of the continents
  6. Has a hair phobia
  7. And a falling phobia but is not afraid of heights
  8. Had a mini stroke at age 22
  9. Has been in love three times
  10. Once tore 7 ligaments in her foot and ankle area
  11. Loves psychological thrillers and hates soppy chick flicks
  12. Likes ironing but hates washing up
  13. Loves Christmas and sings carols all year round
  14. Likes knitting baby things, instant gratification
  15. Favourite shapes are circles, despite the name
  16. Loves strawberries and grapes and melon and can eat them till she is sick
  17. Has PCOS
  18. Had tea with the Mayor of London
  19. Doesn’t smoke
  20. Likes balloons more than flowers (maybe it’s the circle thing??)
  21. Is 5″5.5 (It’s a round number)
  22. Has 8 beauty spots in various place
  23. Wears size 5’s (US 7, EU 38 I think…)
  24. Is wearing moo cow pants as she types entries 22-26
  25. Has a desktop and a laptop
  26. Owns more than 10 baking tins/pans. Got lost in the move 🙁
  27. Lives with Sean aka BC
  28. Has no pets  1 Cat: Fat Bum
  29. Should really update this more often…
  30. Has moved to her new domain Starrilicious.com May 2010 Only 3 Months late
  31. Has started a quilt January 2010
  32. Can’t drive (but will be learning soon at some point)
  33. Got engaged 30th June 2010 (20 month anniversary)
  34. Started and finished a different quilt in 1 week in September 2010
  35. Loves to cook too now
  36. Now Vlogs (ask me for the link)
  37. Is married
  38. Is a mummy
  39. Has one daughter
  40. Planner Addict
  41. Business Owner