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A lovely valentines present

Happy Valentines people! I know not everyone loves Valentines day I get it. We don’t really do the traditional valentines day either. We give cards and we have dinner together but no boxes of chocolates or big bunches of flowers. …Continue reading →

Wordless Wednesday: nom nom nom

Simply Sunday: Gourmet Deli Coleslaw

This is part of a new feature on simple foods jazzed up and made especially yummy! Hope to have something for you every Sunday for some lazy day grubbing. PS. sorry for the poor photo. I don’t have a very …Continue reading →

Wordless Wednesday: Bea’s Chelsea Closed :'(

Tuesday Tips: Fly Lady Method

wordle starrilicious cloud

  I really can’t recommend it enough. If you like structure but find it hard to plan things out yourself, this is for you! I chose this plan because I find it very hard to deal with other peoples mess. …Continue reading →

Dear Diary: Good morning world

I’ve finally gotten used to waking up at the unearthly hour of 6:30 am. Yay, go me! Shame I literally only have about 3 weeks left of this assignment but hey ho, at least it’s not a chore trying to …Continue reading →

Ready for spring

Winter is the time for crafting. Plenty of time snuggled indoors with plenty of warm blankets in front of a cosy fire. A project or two in lap, with a couple more close by just in case. Comforting stews, tea, …Continue reading →

A tutu for you too

Tutu  pettiskirt

I’ve finally got round to some crafting. Our friends little girl turned 3 on Sunday and she is the epitome of girly girl. I knew she would absolutely love a tutu or petticoat and so I scoured the net for …Continue reading →

I made curry chicken

You might have guessed from my blog, I don’t cook much. I bake, sure, but cooking is usually down to babycakes. I was watching a video on YouTube though about curry chicken and I thought I would try to make …Continue reading →

Sweet Saturday: Chocolate Brownies with Berries

I really thought I had posted this recipe but it seems I haven’t. So here it is, Brownies with frozen summer berries. Ingredients • 250g unsalted butter • 200g dark chocolate (70% plus), broken up • 75g frozen mixed berries …Continue reading →

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