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Sweet Saturday: Chocolate Brownies with Berries

I really thought I had posted this recipe but it seems I haven’t. So here it is, Brownies with frozen summer berries. Ingredients • 250g unsalted butter • 200g dark chocolate (70% plus), broken up • 75g frozen mixed berries …Continue reading →

Flash Back Friday: An Apron Affair

Here is the apron: I have had good use out of this apron over the past year. You can’t tell from the photos but this apron is reversible. Party in the front (Christmas) business in the back (polkadot).


Today I: woke too early walked for 7 hours spoke to over one hundred people had a burrito shared a cupcake made a batch of icing made a batch of buttercream decorated a cake gave my neighbour some cupcakes now …Continue reading →

Chocolate Milkshake

In my haste to get some blog posts edited, I neglected to post this yesterday but here it is now. Happy Blogtober, I plan to take part as much as I can but I’m never very good at posting everyday. …Continue reading →

Sweet Saturday: Cream Cheese Frosting

Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday, I feel like I earned this one. There’s no rest for the wicked though because I have been super busy still today cleaning but also baking.  I made my favourite carrot cake …Continue reading →

Thoughtful Thursdays: If I had a bake shop

I’d fill my walls with these beautiful decals from Wallflower Even their logo is lovely! They make me feel nice and sunny even though it’s a cold and rainy autumn day. They’re a bit pricey, if they were cheaper I’d …Continue reading →

Hello Chelsea, Buh-bye Twenties

Hi guys, how are you? I never ask that, maybe I should more often! Me? I’m fine, there hasn’t been a whole lot of making going on over these parts for a long while but hopefully that should change soon. I’m currently doing …Continue reading →

Happy Birthday Lisal

Vanilla Whipped Sponge covered with Vanilla Italian Meringue and filled with fruit. A new recipe, could do with a little tweaking but went down well!   Ooops! been using a new plugin, this is actually from July, it was saving …Continue reading →

Mini Hiatus

Life is just getting in the way at the minute. I am a little overwhelmed by it all. I really should have posted earlier but I am taking a mini hiatus. Mainly because I have been doing hardly any crafting …Continue reading →

We’re back but not quite with bells on

Hi guys! I feel like I have been away for so long! It has been a while don’t get me wrong but it feels like forever. I switched hosts, because I was woefully lacking webspace, which caused me a whole …Continue reading →

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