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Another night on the town

So I didn’t mean to but ended up going out again Saturday night but I had to go. An old friend I haven’t seen for years turned up and we wanted to catch up. I had a great time but …Continue reading →

A night on the town

So now I can drink again (Yay!) I went out with my sister and claire. We went to yates in stratford and then on to a pub called wheelers, this was dead but we made our own fun. Yates however …Continue reading →

I went to the shop and I bought…

Wool! haha, actually not just wool. I bought new needles cos I didn’t like the bamboo ones in the smaller sizes, Felt, for making “BABY lettering to finish off a baby blanket I’m making and something else I don’t recall …Continue reading →


I’ve been neglecting the site a little bit and I apologise to the 2 readers I have lol. A lot of things have happened recently I don’t want to get into now but I have something fun for any knitters …Continue reading →

Massively busy weekend!

It was my god niece, leah’s, birthday on Friday and so I had a hectic day. Up at 7, then off to buy presents (I’m a last minute shopper :|). That with Emma, my sister and Leah’s God Mother. Then …Continue reading →

My weekend

Was a bit shit really. Stayed home all weekend cos I forgot my pin and have no cash and I couldn’t be bothered to walk to the bank lol. Lazy me. So I stayed in and had pizza. Pizza was …Continue reading →

Hello again Starrys World!

Hello again. I started to reopen my blog as I missed it and I’m useless at keeping a diary. Most of it will prolly be of no interest to anyone. Then again whats of not much interest to me may …Continue reading →

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