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Mrs Dady Presents

  Well here it is! My first post as a married woman. I can say though that you are very privileged to find me here so soon as I fully intended to take a full month off. However I find …Continue reading →

Wedding Favours

I wasn’t going to share any wedding stuff before the wedding. I thought it might spoil everyone’s surprise on the day but I have to share these as I am quite chuffed with how they came out. I racked my brain for …Continue reading →

Super Simple Ribbon Puff decorations.

You will need: Pipe cleaners in coordinating colours 7-9 inch lengths of ribbon x 5 per decoration A lighter or fray stop First fray stop or singe the ends of your ribbon with a lighter. Take your pipe cleaner and …Continue reading →

It’s Christmas time!

This may not make a whole lot of sense as it was written before Christmas. Just warning you! I always put up my Christmas decorations December 1st and take them down on New Years day. It just makes sense to …Continue reading →

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hi guys! How was your Christmas celebrations? I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are looking forward to celebrating the New Year! Unfortunately I am having numerous problems with my hosts lately and could not log in for …Continue reading →

Kimono, Kimono

  Hi Guys, I know I haven’t been about for a while. I need to get some kind of blogging schedule going rather than letting it slide so I decided Thursday is going to be my day. I need to …Continue reading →

Monday Makes: Frilly Reversible Apron

Hi guys, forgive me I’m about to mention the big “C” word. That’s right Christmas! To be perfectly honest I’ve been Christmas ¬†crafting for about a month already. I love Christmas I couldn’t wait to get going! I know some …Continue reading →

Finished item Supercolourfragilicious Quilt

    Sorry to double post but there must have been a server hiccup as this post completely disappeared. I finally finished it. The binding had me umming and aahing for a bit, and I decided to go for a …Continue reading →

Wak-A Wak-A Wordless Wednesday

Nappy/Diaper Carriage

I made this nappy carriage for a friend and I thought I’d post it as I was very proud of it it. I used my Silhouette SD to make the stencils for the bib and onsie. Everything is¬†usable! If I …Continue reading →

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