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Tutorial Tuesdays: Crochet/Make Up Brush Roll

How to make a Crochet Hook or Make Up Brush Roll. I was sick and tired of not having a place I could stick my crochet hooks and just grab and go whenever I was going to a Meetup or …Continue reading →

Super Simple Ribbon Puff decorations.

You will need: Pipe cleaners in coordinating colours 7-9 inch lengths of ribbon x 5 per decoration A lighter or fray stop First fray stop or singe the ends of your ribbon with a lighter. Take your pipe cleaner and …Continue reading →

Free Silhouette SD GSD File

Hiya people. I did say I’d have another tutorial for you and this time it’s for the paper globes I made before here. circa 2007 lol If you have a silhouette or another type of cutter you can use this …Continue reading →

Custom Carrier Tutorial

This is a really simple tutorial which has a really nice result. Though the tutorial is incomplete I have added it any way as the end result was really good. FIL2B was chuffed with his. We filled it with some …Continue reading →

Unique Gift Packaging + Giveaway

I have wanted to post for ages but am unable to find my camera lead. So instead I’m going to post about two upcoming projects and a give away! First off is a tutorial I meant to do for father’s …Continue reading →


Diagonal MULTI-COLOURED Lines – For a tiled background. Ok you see lot’s of tutorials for diagonal lines but this tutorial will show you how to make rainbows or any other multi-coloured diagonal line. It’s very simple to do if you …Continue reading →

Bad starry!

I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit :(. I’ve lost enthusiasm I think because it’s not quite how I want it right now but I’m not inspired to fix it… Hopefully I will catch my second win soon! I haven’t …Continue reading →

Rice warmer tutorial

I’ve written up the tutorial for the rice warmer. Sorry it took so long but firstly my back has been killing me so sitting typing for ages wasn’t so great and secondly I couldn’t find the fat quarter I wanted …Continue reading →

Monday’s Munchies; Double Choc Chip cookies

I don’t have any pictures for you today, I was so busy and it was so murky, weather wise, until I went out. I had loads of left over butter and eggs, so I thought I’d do some light baking …Continue reading →

Monday Munchies; Cherry Bomb Cupcakes

I decided Monday’s will now be recipe days. Sorry for the bad photo accidentally deleted the good ones and then they were all gone :O. My greedy family! Today’s recipe is: Cherry Bomb Cupcakes Ingredients: 175g Self Raising Flour 175g …Continue reading →

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