Simply Sunday: Special Beans

In our house we call these special because it’s always a special occasion when we have them! It’s a really easy way to make something ordinary special. Hopefully it will also make someone you love, feel extra special! Also note, …Continue reading →

Simply Sunday: Gourmet Deli Coleslaw

This is part of a new feature on simple foods jazzed up and made especially yummy! Hope to have something for you every Sunday for some lazy day grubbing. PS. sorry for the poor photo. I don’t have a very …Continue reading →

I made curry chicken

You might have guessed from my blog, I don’t cook much. I bake, sure, but cooking is usually down to babycakes. I was watching a video on YouTube though about curry chicken and I thought I would try to make …Continue reading →

Sweet Saturday: Chocolate Brownies with Berries

I really thought I had posted this recipe but it seems I haven’t. So here it is, Brownies with frozen summer berries. Ingredients • 250g unsalted butter • 200g dark chocolate (70% plus), broken up • 75g frozen mixed berries …Continue reading →

Chocolate Milkshake

In my haste to get some blog posts edited, I neglected to post this yesterday but here it is now. Happy Blogtober, I plan to take part as much as I can but I’m never very good at posting everyday. …Continue reading →

Sweet Saturday: Cream Cheese Frosting

Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday, I feel like I earned this one. There’s no rest for the wicked though because I have been super busy still today cleaning but also baking.  I made my favourite carrot cake …Continue reading →

Lime Iced Tea

With the weather being so unseasonably warm (not including today!) I have been craving some light and refreshing drinks to spice up my usual repertoire of room temperature sparkling water. Although plain water is by far my favourite drink, ice …Continue reading →

Tarte aux Prune

Or Plum Tart in English. Our neighbours have both a plum and apple tree in their garden which is full to the brim of fruit. We had been picking just the fruit that hung over the fence but when we …Continue reading →

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I can’t believe I’ve never posted this before. It’s one of my favourite recipes. If you don’t know red velvet, it’s not so popular in the UK, it’s a chocolatey cake with a deep red colour and is usually decorated …Continue reading →

Yummy Scrummy Carrot Cake the II

As you can see it went down REALLY well at the office! Sorry about the camera phone pic… This is a hybrid of 2 different recipes with an added twist from me. I tried to make it a little healthier, …Continue reading →

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