Pssst, I wanna share something with you

Before I share (I know, I’m mean) I’ll get my last few 30 days challenges out of the way… Day 13 — A fictional book A book I was really surprised I liked is A Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. …Continue reading →

Strawberry and Cachaca Crush Cocktail

Day 6 If you have me on facebook you’ll know I have been making these often. If you like strawberries you will love this. You will need: Crushed Ice A few strawberries (hulled) Lime Sugar syrup Cachaca (This is also …Continue reading →

Bad starry!

I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit :(. I’ve lost enthusiasm I think because it’s not quite how I want it right now but I’m not inspired to fix it… Hopefully I will catch my second win soon! I haven’t …Continue reading →

Monday’s Munchies; Double Choc Chip cookies

I don’t have any pictures for you today, I was so busy and it was so murky, weather wise, until I went out. I had loads of left over butter and eggs, so I thought I’d do some light baking …Continue reading →

Monday Munchies; Cherry Bomb Cupcakes

I decided Monday’s will now be recipe days. Sorry for the bad photo accidentally deleted the good ones and then they were all gone :O. My greedy family! Today’s recipe is: Cherry Bomb Cupcakes Ingredients: 175g Self Raising Flour 175g …Continue reading →

A blog a day

Today I don’t have much to blog about so… I will leave you with a recipe for moulding icing. Make yummy home made cake with no additives or preservatives yay! I’ll add it to the recipes page later. Had better …Continue reading →

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