Site Updates

Since I’ve been gone, since I’ve been gone!

So much has happened I don’t know where to start but I feel like I should just draw a line under the past and look forward. I will just mention a couple of important changes. I now run my own …Continue reading →

Mug Rug and Mini Hiatus

Hi guys, I’ve not blogged in an age oops! I’ve not really had the energy to keep it up and I haven’t been photographing everything I’ve made either. Trying to find a new place to live has become my new …Continue reading →


If you’re reading this I bet you are wondering where the heck I’ve been for 3 months… Well it all started with a snapped debit card! Just after new year I went shopping with Sean. All was going well till …Continue reading →

New Layout yay!

Hit by sudden inspiration I managed to complete a new layout! I think it’s still a bit glitchy but I’m releasing it any way. I like it! I’m still undecided as to whether to tone down the background some… If …Continue reading →

Kinda Fixed… Mini Update

At my sisters for the weekend so tried to see if it worked on her PC. It didn’t work but I sort of fixed the widgets. The old menu is gone and all my text links are gone :(. So …Continue reading →


Somethings gone wrong with my widgets and now my sidebar doesn’t work correctly. Poo… I’m trying to upgrade now to 2.5.1 in hopes it will fix it but if anyone familiar with wordpress has any ideas…

Upgrade WordPress 2.5

Well since I opened a shop using eCommerce on another blog which runs on 2.5, I decided to upgrade this blog. So far so good! I like the new dashboard, though it takes a little getting used to it’s more …Continue reading →

Happy Sunday

It might have been raining all day but still it’s nice to chill out at home after being so busy for so long. I might be used to multi tasking but it’s still been a big push to get everything …Continue reading →

Centennial Celebrations

100 posts! Didn’t come by as quickly as I thought it would but we got there in the end. In celebration as promised I’m giving away one custom bear. If you want to enter leave a comment saying so on …Continue reading →

Brand new theme

I’ve got a brand new theme for you all. I went crazy trying to find one tiny error earlier so I’m too pooped to fix a few minor niggles with it. I wanted to have a snazzy flash navigation but …Continue reading →

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