Thoughtful Thursdays

Thoughtful Thursdays: Books

I used to have a real love of books. I would literally start reading a book at bedtime and find I was still reading at 3am! Probably in the last 5 years ago, my passion for books has been quashed …Continue reading →

Thoughtful Thursdays: If I had a bake shop

I’d fill my walls with these beautiful decals from Wallflower Even their logo is lovely! They make me feel nice and sunny even though it’s a cold and rainy autumn day. They’re a bit pricey, if they were cheaper I’d …Continue reading →

I survived the epidemic!

You guessed it, I got flu… How could I not? It was horrid and we had to stay home Christmas and I got dreadfully behind with my gift making but I’m still alive at least! We spent Christmas day sleeping …Continue reading →

How to install a zipper in a pillow

This post  has little to do with zippers but I was looking for tutorials on sewing a round and that link was at the top. Naturally I started singing it to the tune of  “Everybody needs a bosom for a …Continue reading →

Goodies For You!

Hi Guys!! Sorry posting has been somewhat sparse. As you can imagine I have 101 things to think about, plan, research and panic over than usual and putting them all into a clear and concise post has been a bit …Continue reading →