A very belated birthday…

On the 19th of September 2005 a blog was born. My little blog has turned 2 and I missed it! I only realised as I was reading about another blogs anniversary. It’s not my first blog by far but the …Continue reading →

People do visit :O

I finally got my blog stats thing working. No idea why it didn’t before but I’m happy now. Now I can see I DO have visitors they are obviously shy lol. I can track where they go about the site …Continue reading →

It’s not fair!

I’ve been browsing blogs again today and am starting to feel rather untalented by comparison! Everyone has wonderful looking homes too, such as Olivia @ Pink Lemonade Boutique and Claire @ Reddy Made. You already know from my link I …Continue reading →


Ok I stopped being lazy and last night before I went to bed I managed to take some pics they’re a bit dark due to no natural lighting but oh well. Starry presents 2 finished items and a bethany bunny …Continue reading →

Lazy, lazy, lazy!

I’ve been feeling really lazy |:) these past few days but then again I have been busy with other things besides this blog. I have masses of pictures to edit and upload, 2 finished items, updates on bethany bunny and …Continue reading →

What’s Candy Corn Got To Do with Halloween

Ok halloween is almost upon us and I got to thinking: What does candy corn have to do with halloween? This thought came to me when I got my Lionbrand newsletter and there in the halloween makes is a candy …Continue reading →

Completed Object!

Been long time since I’ve had a completely finished piece haha so here goes. Pretty in Pink Kimono – As modeled by Highland the cow This was made in some leftover Candy Pink baby yarn on size 4’s and finished …Continue reading →


Diagonal MULTI-COLOURED Lines – For a tiled background. Ok you see lot’s of tutorials for diagonal lines but this tutorial will show you how to make rainbows or any other multi-coloured diagonal line. It’s very simple to do if you …Continue reading →

Have you visited me lately?

Ok I added a blog stats thingy so I can see who visits my site and where they’re redirected from. Sounds cool huh? Would be if it worked! It say’s I have had 0 visitors in 4 days. Not only …Continue reading →

Blogging Away From Home

As of Friday I no longer have internet at home as Bulldog, the company I was using, have dissolved. I should have sorted out something sooner but totally forgot until they rudely cut me off :)). So I’ll be blogging …Continue reading →

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