Make and Bake

So, I had a baking class at my house! I am part of a meetup group called Make and Do which is a pop is craft group. I dont know if Any of you are familiar with meetup but it enables groups of …Continue reading →

Monday Makes: Frilly Reversible Apron

Hi guys, forgive me I’m about to mention the big “C” word. That’s right Christmas! To be perfectly honest I’ve been Christmas  crafting for about a month already. I love Christmas I couldn’t wait to get going! I know some …Continue reading →

Finished item Supercolourfragilicious Quilt

    Sorry to double post but there must have been a server hiccup as this post completely disappeared. I finally finished it. The binding had me umming and aahing for a bit, and I decided to go for a …Continue reading →

Tuesdays Tips

Use Aquarium Gravel to add weight to large pin cushions and other projects that need weighting. It’s quite cheap and is ok to go in the wash!

Wak-A Wak-A Wordless Wednesday

Nappy/Diaper Carriage

I made this nappy carriage for a friend and I thought I’d post it as I was very proud of it it. I used my Silhouette SD to make the stencils for the bib and onsie. Everything is usable! If I …Continue reading →

Silhouette freebie cutting file 4

Today is day 4 of the free silhouette GSD files. Emo Sweetheart  Skulls The package includes three skulls, not sure why I named them Emo Sweetheart but there you go!  For personal use only.  

Silhouette freebies 2 and 3

I accidentally OD’d on super strong antihistamines after my interview yesterday and pretty much fell asleep when I got in and woke up this morning! Sorry about that. You get 2 freebies today though I guess hehehe. Freebie Silhouette backgrounds I’ve put …Continue reading →

A caged bird

Well today is day one of the free silhouette GSD files and this one you may have seen before when I was taking part in Iron Craft 5. I designed a cute little birdcage and I’d like to share it …Continue reading →

A new silhouette part 2

I had to dash off mid post so I thought I’d finish up in a new post. I was going to go on to say that I have been getting a lot of use out of my Silhouette SD. I …Continue reading →

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