Sweet Saturday: Chocolate Brownies with Berries

I really thought I had posted this recipe but it seems I haven’t. So here it is, Brownies with frozen summer berries. Ingredients • 250g unsalted butter • 200g dark chocolate (70% plus), broken up • 75g frozen mixed berries …Continue reading →

Tarte aux Prune

Or Plum Tart in English. Our neighbours have both a plum and apple tree in their garden which is full to the brim of fruit. We had been picking just the fruit that hung over the fence but when we …Continue reading →

A little more settled

Moving and Packing Well we’re almost all unpacked, I’ve baked something so that must mean our house is now home! We’re loving the new place. It’s so much more open and light and spacious than our last place. Having the …Continue reading →

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I can’t believe I’ve never posted this before. It’s one of my favourite recipes. If you don’t know red velvet, it’s not so popular in the UK, it’s a chocolatey cake with a deep red colour and is usually decorated …Continue reading →

Holy Rainbow Cupcakes Batman!

Starry’s back, back again, starry’s back, tell a friend. Yes I found my camera lead so I am extremely happy to have pictures yay! AND look what I have to share with you…. See those sprinkles? They’re Dr Oetkers Barbie …Continue reading →

While I’ve got a spare minute…

I’m having some people round tonight and I’m cooking but while I’ve got a spare minute waiting for people to arrive I thought I’d share this with you: A yummy cupcake recipe! So called for their two tone icing. I …Continue reading →

Monster Cupcakes and Chocolate Heaven

I made cupcakes! I found some oh-so-cute Donna Hay cupcake mixes in Sainsbury’s and I had to get some. The adorable little cases sold it for me. At 99p each they were a bargain for 12 large cupcakes. Was going …Continue reading →