iron craft

Iron Craft 8 – Home Town

I rather loosely interpreted this one. I was going to add a LONDON applique across the front but ran out of the time. I was rather anal about getting my flag to look authentic and spent quite a bit of …Continue reading →

Mini Hiatus

I purposely took a little blogging hiatus as I had a million and one other things to get done I was just procrastinating on. Felt nice¬†being free not to think about anything but mundane every day things for a while, …Continue reading →

Iron Craft 4 – Get Cozy

Oops I forgot to post what Iron Craft 4 was but never mind. Here it is, my cafeti√®re coozie! Is reversible! Bad pictures, sorry, the light is awful this time of year. Oh and excuse the watermarked pot, is well …Continue reading →

Iron Craft 3 – Bunting

This weeks Iron Craft project was Bunting. Since I was all bunted out from last August (Our engagement party) I was going to go a different angle and make something with bunting on it. But then I got side tracked …Continue reading →

Iron Craft Week 2 – Draft Dodger

I did it, I completed my first project for Iron Craft. Go me! This week was draft dodgers or draft excluder in my case. I love it. It’s so squishy and adorable. It stares at me where I sit on …Continue reading →

Iron Craft

So, I signed up for Iron Craft. For those of you who don’t know it’s a weekly project for 1 year. Every week they give you a theme or something more specific and you need to make a craft project …Continue reading →