Why I’ve been AWOL

Hi blog, it’s me, Starry. Have you missed me? To tell you the truth I’ve not missed you. Not one bit. Pregnancy drained me in ways I could not fathom. From the time I reached 3 months, I just had …Continue reading →

It’s Christmas time!

This may not make a whole lot of sense as it was written before Christmas. Just warning you! I always put up my Christmas decorations December 1st and take them down on New Years day. It just makes sense to …Continue reading →

Nappy/Diaper Carriage

I made this nappy carriage for a friend and I thought I’d post it as I was very proud of it it. I used my Silhouette SD to make the stencils for the bib and onsie. Everything is usable! If I …Continue reading →

Wordless Wednesday May Catch Up


Crafty catchup

I’m not really in a full blog post mood so I thought I’d do a little photo dump of things I’ve made but you haven’t seen to tide the blog over for the weekend. This is Esmée my first BJD (or Ball Joint Doll …Continue reading →

THAT’s how you do that!

It took my camera breaking for me to figure out all the cool stuff I can do with it. I now know how to resize the picture, adjust the file quality, choose the white balance, take black and white photos …Continue reading →

And we have internet!

Woot woot! The new phone and DSL got connected today. As I was coming home I noticed that there was a guy doing some work on the exchange near my house. So when I got in I checked for a …Continue reading →